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The Importance of Electricity and Natural Gas Bill Reviews

Posted by SJI Energy Advisors on Jul 3, 2020 3:43:00 PM

It is important to continuously monitor electricity and natural gas bills to ensure that you are being charged correctly on both utility and third-party generation costs. If you’re working with an energy broker or consultant, bill reviews should be part of the service they provide.

Because most errors appear immediately, at Applied Energy Partners we always review the first 2 months of electricity and natural gas bills whenever a new third-part supply contract begins to flow. In addition, we schedule ongoing periodic reviews to ensure that you are being billed correctly throughout the term of the supply contract.

Some of the potential problems include:

  • Sales Tax – Incorrect tax exemption status is the most common mistake, and it can make a material difference on your bill.
  • Third-Party Supply Rates – When our customers switch to a new supplier, we sometimes encounter discrepancies in the billed rate as compared to the contractual rate.
  • Usage – With aging utility infrastructure, sometimes customer meters report incorrectly or fail. When this happens, customer reported usage could vary significantly.
  • Rate Classes – On rare occasions we will find that customers are designated under the incorrect rate class.

When billing issues arise, a quality broker or consultant should be working on the customer’s behalf to correct issues with the utility or third-party supplier. At Applied Energy Partners, we take pride in our customer service and the continuous value we provide through our bill reviews and customer representation when addressing utility or supplier complications.

There are several ways in which we review bills quarterly:

  • Email: We ask the customer to provide copies of the bills.
  • Utility Portals: In some utilities, customers have access to their account through an online portal. Many of our clients provide us access to their utility portal.
  • Third-Party Portals: Many third-party suppliers also have both customer and broker portals, through which we can also monitor both billing and usage.

The responsibility of an energy broker or consultant does not end the day a contract is signed. Remember they work for you!