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Operating in Multiple Locations? No Problem!

One of the challenges that companies with multiple locations face, is finding an energy consultant to partner with that has the necessary licenses and expertise in all of the states in which they operate in. Not all energy consultants are able to conduct electricity, Green Power, and natural gas procurements across all deregulated states.

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Natural Gas Hits 2-year High but Futures Holding

They say all good things must come to an end, and that holds true even in natural gas markets. We experienced historic lows within natural gas markets from January through August 2020, in which NYMEX held between $1.50 and $1.90. The new norm took an aggressive 35% climb in only 2 short months and is holding between $2.70 and $2.90.

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Demand Response and Rebate Opportunities

Within the last year, SJI Energy Advisors began a partnership with C-Power, a demand-side energy management company, to help us provide both Demand Response and PJM Energy Efficiency Programs to our customer base. This complements our hyper-competitive electricity and natural gas procurement process that we already have in place. In the past, participating in Demand Response was perceived as “complicated”, but is now more turnkey than ever with no associated risk.

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SJI Energy Advisors Acquires EnerConnex, Expands Energy Consulting Business

SJI today announced the acquisition of EnerConnex LLC. The agreement memorializes a long-standing relationship and supports the company’s recent exit from the retail supply business, and entry into energy consulting through SJI Energy Advisors. EnerConnex is an industry-leader in energy procurement, well-known for its proprietary tool ECX Marketplace that combines best in class technology with market intelligence.

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