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AEP’s Strength with Support from SJI Energy Advisors

Applied Energy Partners serves nearly 300 commercial and industrial end-users throughout the country in both electricity and natural gas procurement services and has experienced significant growth since the onset of deregulation in Pennsylvania and New Jersey in 2010. Back in September 2019, SJI Energy Advisors, a subsidiary of SJI acquired Applied Energy Partners, providing an even greater opportunity to expand our energy consulting services.

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It’s Summer- What Are You Doing to Attack Your Capacity Tag?

Your Capacity charge is the second-largest component of your electricity bill – comprising roughly 15% – 20% of the total. Are you taking the proper steps to control and/or reduce it?

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Locking Up Future Savings and Budget Certainty

How often are you able to secure future savings while locking in operating costs for goods and services needed to run your day-to-day operations? You probably would answer “Seldom, if ever.” If you could achieve guaranteed savings and budget certainty through 2020 or beyond, would you do so?

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The 10 Rules for Buying Energy Right

If your energy procurement process doesn’t include all of these requirements, you should look around for a different energy procurement partner with a better process.

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The Importance of Electricity and Natural Gas Bill Reviews

It is important to continuously monitor electricity and natural gas bills to ensure that you are being charged correctly on both utility and third-party generation costs. If you’re working with an energy broker or consultant, bill reviews should be part of the service they provide.

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The Role of Market Timing in Energy Procurement

The rules of market timing are simple:

  1. Buy when the market is low and go long. Buying long-term contracts in down markets ensures advantageous rates, along with budget certainty and protection against significant upward market swings.
  2. If you must buy when the market is high, go short to ride out market volatility.
  3. Don’t wait until the last minute, or you’ll severely limit your options. Start pricing your next contract 12-18 months before your current contract expires.
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Why You Need An Energy Broker – And What You Should Expect

Q:  Since any buyer can buy directly from any supplier, why use a broker?

A:  Because the only way to get the best price is to create competition between and among suppliers – ideally every supplier – and that’s the broker’s job.

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