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AEP’s Strength with Support from SJI Energy Advisors

Posted by SJI Energy Advisors on Jul 6, 2020 4:04:00 PM

Applied Energy Partners serves nearly 300 commercial and industrial end-users throughout the country in both electricity and natural gas procurement services and has experienced significant growth since the onset of deregulation in Pennsylvania and New Jersey in 2010. Back in September 2019, SJI Energy Advisors, a subsidiary of SJI acquired Applied Energy Partners, providing an even greater opportunity to expand our energy consulting services.

With the support of SJI, Applied Energy Partners established strategic partnerships with various energy efficiency companies. For example, state utilities have historically offered energy efficiency rebates. In addition to these savings, there is also a lesser-known program through the grid operator PJM, which provides additional savings through Demand Response (DR) and PJM Capacity Release Rebates.

Our Demand Response and Capacity Release partner is one of the largest grid operators in the country. Unlike most companies that offer Demand Response as an ancillary service, the program is our partner’s primary focus. This allows Applied Energy Partners to focus on providing the most competitive electricity and natural gas procurement process possible.

Our partner’s customers have realized savings by finding underutilized incentives from projects completed between 2018 and today. Examples include LED lighting upgrades, HVAC, VFD, process improvements, new equipment (manufacturing), new construction, building updates, weatherization and LEED Certification. If an energy efficiency project was completed between 2018 and now, credits are still available. Sites could receive savings up to $70/kW. Applied Energy Partners welcomes the opportunity to evaluate past and current projects of New Jersey and Pennsylvania customers to see if there are savings that you may not have known were available.