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About SJIEA and What We Do

Posted by SJI Energy Advisors on Jan 5, 2021 2:44:59 PM

About Us

SJI Energy Advisors provides energy procurement and cost reduction services to companies in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Comprised of industry leaders, strengthened by our strategic partners and backed by the financial strength of a publicly traded parent (NYSE:SJI), we are uniquely suited to devise a purchasing strategy that complements your budgetary needs, risk tolerance and production goals.



“What We Do

Within deregulated states for electricity and natural gas, commercial and industrial end-users can shop their supply needs to reduce their supply costs.

  • We optimize your procurement process by acting as an unbiased, supplier-neutral advocate, fighting at every step to lower your bill and secure the best possible terms for your business.
  • We establish a partnership with our clients providing bill audits/reviews, market intelligence, and budget assistance at no additional cost.
  • We have a 90% Retention Rate with Our Clients.
  • Our process is extremely efficient with minimal effort by the client.
  • We can explore numerous pricing scenarios simultaneously- including product type, term length and percentages of green power within 5-7 days from the start of the process.
  • We have one of the largest supplier networks in the industry with over 70 unique suppliers bidding in our electricity and natural gas pricing events weekly.
  • We get every viable supplier to participate in our hyper-competitive electricity and natural gas pricing events creating intense price competition among bidders for optimum price discovery.
  • Each supplier who participates in our events are rigorously vetted to ensure financial stability and contract reliability.