Coming Together For All Of Your Energy Needs

SJI Energy Advisors is proud to partner with select peers to offer unparalleled solutions for all of your energy needs. Thanks to our publicly traded parent company, South Jersey Industries (NYSE:SJI), and two sister companies (South Jersey Gas and Elizabethtown Gas), we have the financial strength and local expertise to identify and implement your optimal energy strategy.

To add to our range of services, we’ve joined with two strategic partners, EnerConnex and Applied Energy Partners (AEP), with highly qualified teams of energy consultants. With their support, we will serve your business with the same experience, process and technology we always have, now with improved resources and reach.



Comprised of industry experts with over two decades of experience, EnerConnex is a leader in the electricity and natural gas markets. It acts as an independent advisor to help customers get the energy they need at the lowest and most efficient available rates.

EnerConnex knows the importance of looking beyond the meter when considering your energy costs. Leveraging ECX Marketplace, the online pricing tool that simplifies and optimizes the buying process, EnerConnex takes an in-depth approach to analyzing the market conditions and needs specific to your business.


Applied Energy Partners

SJI Energy Advisors acquired Applied Energy Partners in 2019, enabling our customers to take advantage of its comprehensive range of value-added services. From electricity, natural gas and green energy procurement auctions to personalized market monitoring, AEP’s extensive resources are customized to handle your unique energy needs.

Thanks to our partnership with AEP, customers can implement certain tools to assess market conditions, support energy auctions and improve operational efficiency. With no shortage of best-in-class solutions, SJI Energy Advisors and AEP offer comprehensive support for your energy strategy.

Applied Energy Partners is a wholly owned subsidiary within the SJI Family (NYSE-SJI).


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