“I have worked with SJIEA since 2010 and throughout our partnership, they have consistently provided value. Their proactive approach to buying energy via market timing, coupled with the power of their auction process has resulted in huge savings and budget certainty”.

—David Benton, General Manager

Case Study

10 Rittenhouse Square


10 Rittenhouse Square, a large luxury condo association rising 33 stories above its
namesake park in Philadelphia was looking to lock in budget certainty and take advantage of historical lows in natural gas and electricity markets.

 They were also looking to be as sustainable as possible and research all of their options for energy, so they partnered with SJI Energy Advisors. 


One of our Energy Advisors, Tom Dufraine, tried to seek out an energy supplier that would be the best fit for 10 Rittenhouse Square and their large energy load, while also looking for opportunities to use renewable energy sources whenever possible. 


SJI Energy Advisors worked with numerous suppliers for this customer and was
able to fold in 50% renewable energy, in addition to the state/federal mandated renewable blend. 10 Rittenhouse Square will receive roughly 70% of their electricity from renewable sources, yielding 12% savings.