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How To Counteract High Energy Costs During Peak Service Periods

Posted by Salvatore Ritorto on Apr 30, 2015

When your business is working to control energy costs, it’s important to research the finer points of your energy provider’s plan. Some plans may seem inexpensive at first, but times of peak service often hit businesses the hardest. 

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4 Tips To Avoid An Adverse Winter Energy Bill Increase

Posted by Rowena Phatak on Jan 15, 2015

Keep Your Business Safe From Seasonal Utility Bill Spikes">Winter weather has a huge impact on commercial utility bills. As the temperature drops, your company suffers from spiking energy costs every year. You want to make every dollar count in order to run a successful business, which means you’re looking for all opportunities to cut back your electricity use. Read The Full Post

How Preventative Maintenance Saves You Big In Energy Costs

Posted by Salvatore Ritorto on Jan 08, 2015

Most companies address HVAC system issues only after they’ve occurred, instead of avoiding them through proper care. Lack of awareness and insufficient resources both contribute to this oversight. Companies tend to spend money to fix problems once they’ve happened, but they don’t invest enough in routine maintenance to keep their HVAC system running efficiently.   

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3 Ways You Save Through Lighting Efficiency Upgrades

Posted by John Hill on Jan 06, 2015

A lighting retrofit is an easy way to improve the energy efficiency of your commercial building. It doesn’t take much time or money to make huge reductions to your utility bills with an improved lighting system. In fact, you save as much as 50% in lighting costs when you invest in an upgrade. 

Lighting efficiency not only reduces the amount of energy you spend to light your building, but it also has additional money-saving benefits. Take a look at three more ways you save with a lighting efficiency upgrade.

1. Spend Less On Lightbulbs 

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Breaking Down Business Utility Bills 101: What Are You Paying For?

Posted by Tammy Garrison on Nov 13, 2014


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How To Find A Commercial Energy Provider You Can Trust

Posted by Ed McFadden on Sep 22, 2014

Certain deregulation laws have prompted many businesses to split energy costs into two utility bills: the supply portion and the delivery portion. The supply portion of your energy bill has been opened up to a lot of competition amongst commercial energy providers. 

Partnering with a commercial energy provider does not impact the reliability and safety of your service. Rather, moving to a different supplier than that of your gas or electric utility is an economic decision to achieve better energy management and reduce energy costs.

Since deregulation laws took effect, a number of commercial energy management services have surfaced. Knowing which commercial energy provider to partner with might seem daunting, but it’s actually a positive situation to have so many choices. Do your due diligence and you gain a trusted partner to help you lower your utility bills, not just month over month, but through strategies that have a far-reaching, long-term impact on lowering your energy costs. 

When looking to partner with a commercial energy provider, consider the following attributes of a trustworthy third-party supplier:

Your Supplier Should Be Attentive From The Start

You’re going to have a lot of questions about your energy bill and the supplier’s costs, as well as the business benefits of investing in commercial energy management.

If the supplier you’re researching doesn’t show care and attention upfront, it’s a sign they aren’t completely invested in learning about your needs. If they aren’t interested in learning your needs, they aren’t able to help you achieve long-lasting savings on your utility bill. 

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