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Smart Buildings: Does Your Commercial Energy Make The Grade?

Posted by Rowena Phatak on Jun 04, 2015

Smart buildings are the future of commercial energy. They don’t just save business owners money; they carry serious benefits for the environment, too. More and more, influential businesses are making energy efficiency a priority. But you don’t need to be a big player to make a big change. If you’re looking for commercial energy solutions that improve efficiency and drive cost savings, understand why smart buildings are the future and start making plans to integrate smart energy into your own business.

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3 Commercial Lighting Tips When Considering Halogen Light Bulbs

Posted by Judi Subers on Apr 21, 2015

Within the last two decades, commercial lighting has evolved greatly, and today it stands that some bulbs are better than others for the environment as well as your utility bill. The sheer variety of choices makes it more difficult to calculate efficiency and savings for a commercial lighting retrofit. 

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