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How Energy Planning With An Advisor Offers A Return On Your Investment

Posted by Ed McFadden on Dec 17, 2015

is-energy-planning-worth-the-investment.jpg.jpgWhen you’re working to reduce energy costs, you need an energy plan that delivers long-term results. After all, you should see a return on the time and money you have invested in your efforts.

There are many energy providers out there, and each takes a slightly different approach to energy planning. It’s the finer details of your energy plan that truly make the difference in generating costs savings. So, it pays off to take your time when choosing an energy supplier.

The right energy supplier offers assistance throughout the energy planning process. Whether you decide to install new equipment or switch to a new energy procurement plan, your dedicated energy advisor is by your side, offering their expertise.

Investing in a new energy procurement plan is sometimes a risk. You don’t always know whether the plan you’re agreeing to will raise or lower your energy costs, and you may have to pay a fee to discontinue your current plan. When you sign a contract, you must fully understand why it’s the best plan for you. Your energy advisor should boost your confidence in your new plan by giving you a side-by-side comparison of all other options.

There is also risk involved when you install new energy equipment, such as an HVAC or lighting system. You must make a financial investment while allocating enough time to properly install your equipment. And, without the right guidance, you may end up overpaying for your equipment and installation. That’s why it’s important to base new equipment decisions on an expert’s recommendations.

Your energy advisor has the experience and knowledge to suggest practical changes that drastically reduce your energy costs. Effective energy planning investments are worth the time and money you initially spend. Plus, payment options such as the New Jersey Clean Energy Program’s Direct Install may cover up to 70 percent of your energy equipment costs.

Energy Planning Saves You On Long-Term Energy Costs

 While you may be hesitant to take money out of your budget for equipment upgrades, consider the significant savings you receive in the long-term. For example, upgrading or retrofitting your lighting system eventually saves you thousands of dollars as you reduce electricity usage by up to 50 percent.

Additionally, an HVAC retrofit cuts operating costs while allowing you to maintain a comfortable temperature in your building. Flexible maintenance contracts keep your equipment running smoothly so your HVAC continues to save you money through lower monthly utility bills.

Energy Planning Saves You Time In The Long-Term

You must conduct a lot of research to make informed energy planning decisions. However, with the help of an energy advisor, you are able to spend less time worrying about your energy needs and more time focusing on building your business.

If you have any issues or concerns with your energy plan, simply allow your energy advisor to manage the problem. For example, your advisor may work to find a better energy procurement plan if you see utility bill spikes you were not expecting.

When you choose a one- to three-year fixed-rate procurement plan, you no longer have to worry about your energy bills on a monthly or even yearly basis. You pay the same fixed price without having to pay attention to market fluctuations.

A new procurement plan reduces your overall energy costs while combatting seasonal energy price spikes. Remember, the energy planning decisions you make today set your company up for financial savings in the coming years.


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