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Commercial Energy Management: Alternatives To Control Energy Costs

Posted by Dave Granitzki on Oct 29, 2015

Commercial Energy Management: Alternatives To Control Energy CostsMany factors contribute to how or why your business is using more energy than is necessary. In addition to managing your price risk through the energy procurement plan you choose – fixed rate or variable rate – there are other effective ways to help flatten the cost of your utility bill for the long term.

As mentioned in our last blog, How To Control Energy Costs And Fight Against Market Fluctuations, there are benefits and possible setbacks to both fixed and variable rates. While one type of energy plan may be better suited for your business’s needs, there are plenty of alternative ways to control energy costs.

Energy usage is one of your most controllable costs, even if you are an industrial company that uses energy to power machinery all day long.

Strategies to control energy costs come in many forms, from small building projects like an energy-efficient lighting retrofit, to larger projects like installing a solar energy system. However, the only way to truly know what projects are worth the investment is to develop a customized commercial energy management plan to address your specific usage issues.

To gain total insight into how you may reduce your energy consumption, you need an energy expert to conduct an assessment of both your building and your utility bill

  • Utility Bill Assessment
    Your energy expert looks at your utility bill first, reviewing historical usage through meter account numbers. They also assess hidden surprises on your bill, such as Retail Market Review (RMR), congestion or other ancillary charges. Lastly, they determine if you have an existing contract and if there are opportunities to improve certain terms of the agreement.
  • Building Assessment
    The least effective way to control energy costs is by implementing random efficiency projects. An expert has proven methods for assessing your building to identify areas of energy waste. Once a building-wide assessment has taken place, your energy expert highlights exactly where improvements need to be made, so your energy efficiency projects are addressing the biggest issues in your building.

Using the insights gained from these assessments, your energy expert creates a comprehensive commercial energy management plan that addresses your business’s unique needs. A customized energy management plan also allows you to determine the cost savings you’ll derive from implementing energy efficiency projects

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