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4 Ways An Energy Advisor Helps You Make Smart Planning Decisions

Posted by Dave Granitzki on Nov 26, 2015

Make smart energy planning decisions with the help of an energy advisor.Analyzing your utility bill, power usage, and energy prices is complex. But when you factor in competing offers from different energy providers, energy planning becomes even more confusing.

In order to reduce your energy costs, you need expert guidance. That’s why it’s helpful to work with an energy advisor. Your advisor should be skilled in creating an energy plan that works within your budget.

While you may believe you’re able to reduce energy consumption on your own, an experienced energy advisor maximizes your cost savings. Consider the following ways in which an energy advisor helps you make smart energy planning decisions:

1. Reviews Your Energy Usage

If you think you’re overpaying on your utility bill, you need to examine your energy usage to find areas where you may be able to save. However, this requires a trained eye.

An energy advisor uses their expertise to look closely at your energy usage patterns. Then, they ensure you are in the correct rate class and offer a better price, if possible. You also receive a side-by-side comparison options, helping you understand cost projections for next year.

2. Suggests How To Reduce Energy Consumption

You shouldn’t be making major changes to your energy system without the advice of an expert. While you may be excited to save on energy costs by installing a new HVAC or solar panels, you need a professional opinion on how to reduce energy consumption without killing your budget.

For example, your HVAC may simply need maintenance. Replacing it entirely is expensive, so you want to make absolutely sure it’s the right decision before you proceed. If you replace your HVAC and later find out that your insulation was the main cause of energy waste, you may no longer have the funding to solve the real issue.

It’s instead recommended that you schedule an energy assessment. Your energy advisor examines your facility and suggests the most practical and effective ways to lower your energy usage.

3. Recommends A Pricing Structure

Once your energy advisor has a clear understanding of your energy usage, equipment, and budget, they are able to recommend a pricing structure. Your energy price depends on your usage patterns and financial risk tolerance.

You receive a customized energy solution tailored to meet your needs. Your advisor’s unbiased guidance and advice helps you make the right decision on an energy plan that offers savings in the short- and long-term.

4. Educates You On Energy Price Fluctuations

No matter how well you plan for the coming year, energy price fluctuations will affect your budget. It’s up to your business to be prepared. Your budget must be able to handle energy price spikes caused by high demand, the weather and economic conditions.

An energy advisor is able to educate you on why energy prices fluctuate and offer you guidance on how to prepare. And when you have questions or emergencies, your advisor is reachable 24 hours a day by cell phone.

Your energy advisor’s assistance in these four areas helps you take an educated approach to energy planning. Don’t base important energy decisions, with a big financial impact, on advice you heard around the office. Instead, rely on the expert advice recommended by an energy advisor.

Are you ready to take a smart approach to your energy planning? Consult an Energy Advocate to receive advice on reducing your energy costs.

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